OrcaTorch D530 Dive Light Review by Samuel Skinny

The beam is a perfect brightness in my opinion, it’s not so bright that it fades out what your illuminating but it still provides ample lighting.

After the cold has moved out I’m going to take this light diving with me and I feel very confident in this products ability to perform. It does come well designed and the oring comes greased up already which is great for ease of use. I’m also a Hugh fan of the button to turn it on or off. It feels a lot stronger than most I’ve felt.

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OrcaTorch D570-GL Powerful Dive Torch with Laser

We all know the frustration of trying to show our dive buddy something interesting during a dive but they just can’t see where we’re pointing! Well then, the OrcaTorch D570-GL will point things out you as it packs a laser. This is one serious dive torch.

As a dive torch, the D570-GL puts out an intensely bright beam. It has a longer throw to pierce through murky waters. When it’s deeper and darker, it becomes indispensable.

The ability to point and signal conveniently is now provided by the green (or optional red) laser. This is not only a scuba signalling device but a 1000 lumens dive light!

OrcaTorch Dive Light Giveaway

We’re giving away an OrcaTorch D530 dive light!

The OrcaTorch D530 is an impressive dive light that packs enough power, over 1000 lumens, to be a primary dive light, yet compact enough to be a great backup light. The 5 degree super focus beam angle is very impressive as is the battery power and overall build. The light uses a titanium alloy side switch that offers 2 lighting modes, the high mode 1050 lumen and the low mode 220 lumen, which allows for easy operation underwater. The LED indicator light located on the switch button also lets you know the battery’s remaining charge.

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OrcaTorch D520 Dive Lights Review by Troy Iloski

I had a chance to test this dive light in the cenotes of Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. And in the salt water diving around Cancun and Isla Mujeres. The purpose of this dive light was to be used as a backup light in the: caves, shipwrecks and the night dives but I end up using it as a primary light since is very small and powerful. I also mounted on my camera rig as a focus light and for video. I was very happy with the performance, long lasting rechargible battery and strong design. Thank you OrcaTorch for a great product!