Buoyancy Tips and Tricks for Beginner Scuba Divers

As a beginner, how will you be able to more easily handle the situation underwater?

Looking at buoyancy in itself. It is actually the status of managing lifting and also managing the kind of gravity that you have in the water. When you come down in the water, the first time you need to empty your BCD of gas so that you can breathe out and then you will sink underwater, but if you don’t do anything else, once you started sinking a few meters and you will end sinking faster and then up hitting the bottom. We will start the diving on the beginner level in a very very shallow one and two meters depth however what we want to do is that we work with some tools for us to achieve what call the neutral buoyancy that we can be like in.

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Doing It Right – DIR Scuba Diving

Doing It Right (DIR) is a holistic approach to scuba diving that encompasses several essential elements, including fundamental diving skills, teamwork, physical fitness, and streamlined and minimalistic equipment configurations. DIR proponents maintain that through these elements, safety is improved by standardizing equipment configuration and dive-team procedures for preventing and dealing with emergencies.[1]

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