Orcatorch 570-GL Dive Light Testing at the Tilly Foster Mine

by Dan Wright

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Real world testing of an Orcatorch D570-GL1K lumen backup dive light with a built in laser, at the Tilly Foster Mine. This is an interesting light, I had never considered using a laser before underwater, but this fixture has changed my mind. Couple of nice things is it uses an 18650 rechargeable battery, and the charger itself is USB connection. Long burn time, I left it on the entire dive just about. The double click to turn on (and turn off) the LED lamp took some getting used to. The laser only works if you continually press the switch, maybe a good idea there. I tested this to 175' depth in 42 degree Fahrenheit fresh water, with no issues. I will add this to my backup lights, and I'll use it with it's laser to signal buddies, it does catch your attention.