Some Product Feedback of SD03 Dive Beacon

Media Reports

1. Mitxel González

I think that it’s especially useful at night diving and always is good to have another backup light in case of to be running out of batteries on my other light torches. Also, I like the emergency SOS light function. SD03 dive beacon could be smaller but it’s ok! Like it is. Another great Orcatorch product. 

2. James Soos

The small compact design is fantastic and means that you can attach it to yourself or an object without it being heavy or bulky.  The flashing modes are great and I feel catch your attention better than the single light function for normal day diving. The single light function is great for night dives and a beacon for a buddy pair of divers.


3. Tom Nelson

The overall design is very good. Appreciated the AA battery, multi-color LED, and feel of the product. Its function is very good and I'm looking forward to continuing to use this for night dives, locator beacons underwater, and also for camping. I will be posting a full review on Scubaboard next week after I get some under.

4. Stephan Pelletier

This Dive Beacon is simply amazing! After the OrcaTorch D570-GL green dive light creates another hit! Great design and easy to use. White is very bright and the 3 other colors a pleasing to the eye. I would prefer a wider hole to use with a clip.  It works great to keep dive groups together, with 4 colors you can have 4 groups on one reef, and no one gets separated, easy for the boat to follow the divers on a night drift. The flashing white mode is perfect for the boat ladder or point of exit. Love it!