Dive Light

On the one hand, it will be better for you to buy it directly from our local dealer if you would like to buy OrcaTorch dive lights for personal use. Besides, if you don't know how to contact the local OrcaTorch’s dealer, please leave a message about your requirements to our website, we will be in 1-2 working days to deal with website messages, and do our best to help you get in touch with our local distributors. 

On the other hand, if you would like to become our distributor to sell our products, please just leave a message on our website. We will deal with it in 1-2 working days. 

Thank you for your support! 

You may choose OrcaTorch D500+, D550, D520. They are all palm seized portable dive lights suitable for night diving, free diving. 

D500+ is max 1000 lumens with magnetic swtich, it's runitme is 1.5h on high.  

D550 is max 950 lumens with magnetic swtich, it's runitme is 2h on high.  

D520 is max 1000 lumens with head rotary swtich, it's runitme is 2h. 

Normally most of the OrcaTorch dive light models are sold as a kit with battery and charger, like OrcaTorch D520, OrcaTorch D550, but if you need to buy them saperately, you may contact your local dealer to see if they offer such service. 

OrcaTorch provides 30 days free replacement, and 12 months free repair for diving lights and accessories, warranty policy from the date of purchase to take effect. 

Please keep your warranty Card, purchase invoice, receipt or any other proof from the sellers for warranty.

1. The battery of flashlight is not fully charged.

2.Flashlights are not in the best working environment temperature of 10 degrees-25degrees to work.

3.The capacity of battery of flashlight is reduced.

If you find out that the reason for shortening the runtime of the flashlight is not above, you can directly leave a message in our website, we will deal with it in 1-2 days, thank you.

Please register the product first. We will deal with it in 1-2 working days.

1. Battery: Make sure if battery is full charged or change new one full charged battery 

2. Switch: Take switch out and use magnet(with strong magnetism) as switch to try it work 

First, please insert the 18650 battery into the charger with the anode side (+) toward to the charger head

It was red in the beginning when you charge it. Than after it is full charged, it will turn green, then you can feel free to use it. 

OrcaTorch D510 uses 3*C batteries, and it's max 900 lumens runtime 4 hours.
OrcaTorch D560 uses 2*AA batteries, and it's max 630 lumens runtime 1 hour.
OrcaTorch D830 uses 3*AA batteries, and it's max 800 lumens runtime nearly 3 hours.

Take OrcaTorch USB battery out of light when the light is with little power, normally it takes around 7.5 h to full charge which was charged by computer with OrcaTorch matched USB cable.