OrcaTorch ADEX India 2019 Booth # E15 – 16

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ADEX INDIA OCEAN19 FESTIVAL – MUMBAI DIVE SHOW proudly presents India’s best and world-renowned marine life artists, divers – freedivers, technical divers, scuba divers, filmmakers, marine conservationists and photographers to speak about their passion and work towards the ocean and marine life.

The ADEX India 2019 is coming. We warmly welcome you to visit booth # E15 – 16 and check out our latest dive lights!

ADEX India Ocean Festival – Mumbai Dive Show
04-06 Oct 2019
4.5 /5 Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC), Mumbai, India

OrcaTorch D530 Dive Light Review


– -by Franco Tulli

Finally came in my hands the wonderful new product of Orcatorch: the small torch D530.

Small but powerful, it is really interesting for many categories of diving lovers and professionals. The features, unique for this category of the torch, speak for themselves:


– 1300 Lumens at maximum power

– 4h30min Max Runtime

– 150m Water Resistance

– 1.0m Impact Resistance

– 8° Beam Angle with Peak Beam intensity.

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LASER Dive light!!! REVIEW | Orcatorch D570-GL

What a great New thing for the Dive Industry, Laser lights! Finally something completely new, Laser + narrow-angle dive light! The OrcaTorch D570-GL Green Laser offers a great amount of Punch to get quite far, mainly visible in darker spaces. Making Wreck penetration and Night diving real fun with this “Toy”. Apart from the fun factor of owning a Laser, it can also be of great help to communicate and draw other divers attention to you! – Mark Pilzer

OrcaTorch D850 Dive Light Review

The light makes good impression so far. Extremely high output for a non-tank lamp. Many different features. Probably a good one for advanced recreational divers.

Key Facts:

– 5xCREE high power LEDs, max 2500 lm otput (other stages are 1050 and 300 lm)

– Uses 2×26650 li-ion rechargeable batteries. Runtimes between 5 and 13,5 hrs (according to the manufacturer)

– 6° spot angle – Water pressure resistant construction ,depth rated to 150 meters, etc.

Yeguang 10th Anniversary

TEN years! We are 10 years old!

Yeguang was founded by Carson Weng, an outdoor enthusiast, in June 2, 2009 and has been dedicated to flashlight industry for 10 years.


OrcaTorch was founded by a group of passionate flashlight enthusiasts and technology geeks in 2014. The founder, Carson Weng who has more than 10 years experience in the manufacture of high-end flashlights. When he was diving in Thailand for the first time in 2013, he found that divers were using low-quality dive lights which lacked innovation and usually did not work in the critical moments. He decided to use his talent in the flashlight industry and created a high quality and innovative dive light brand and named it OrcaTorch.


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OrcaTorch D910V Underwater Light Review by Micheil Gerrie

Full discloser, I did receive this light from OrcaTorch They have a lot of excellent products as I visited their booth at the DEMA show in Las Vegas for November 2018, but i genuinely love it and have spent my own money on their lights. Specifically the cave light that I also love. I might do more of these reviews depending on the response. I use this primarily as fill light directly in front of my camera as they only sent one light to test but a pair of these on high power at 5000 lumen would make for great wide angle shots as well.

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