Four Tips to Choose a Dive Light

Media Reports

The dive lights are very important in underwater world, it's not only another pair of "eyes" of the divers, but also a language for divers to communicate underwater.


Below are some tips for how to choose dive light:

1. As a dive light, the most important is water pressure resistant & stability. So you need to determine the depth of your dive. The best proposal is  150 meters waterproof effect.


2. Brightness requirement is also strict ,the runtime is according to which type you diving. We suggest to use CREE LEDs, Which use advanced optical glass, light transmission can reach more than 95 percent.And the brightness is very great.

3. If the size and weight requirements are not harsh, Palm-sized diving light is great choice, It's suitable for hand to grip and very flexible to use .

4. Switch must be able to resist water pressure (usually button switch can not fight the water pressure, diving lights mostly use rotary or magnetic switch) and convenient for underwater operation.

4. In addition, it is better to use together with wrist strap to prevent the release from hand accidentally.