OrcaTorch D550 Dive Light Review

by Scubaotter

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The Orcatorch D550 is one of the best scuba diving lights around and it has a reputation for reliability. 



It comes with fully rechargeable batteries and the requisite charging port and cable.

The battery life at full beam is over 2 hours, more than enough to see you through a day's diving.

The beam is around 1000 lumens and there is also a low setting and strobe setting for emergencies or defense. The magnetic on/off switch is big and easy to configure underwater.  

The battery is fully rechargeable in around 7 hours and comes with recharging capabilities. 

The body is made from aircraft-grade, hard-anodized aluminum for maximum impact, scratch, and corrosion resistance. This model is so durable, it's even fire resistant - though we don't recommend testing it! 

At 144mm long and with a 25.4mm diameter handle, the Orcatorch feels pleasantly sturdy in the hand whilst still being compact enough for travel. It weighs in at a light 183g without the batteries. 

The price of the Orcatorch is higher than similar models. The added durability, 50,000-hour lifespan, and after-sale care make the higher price well worth it.

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