How to Maintain Your Dive Torch?

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If the dive lights is used and maintained improperly, the flashlight will keep on, the switch will not work, the power will run too fast, and the coating will fall off. No one wants to buy their favorite scuba torch and damage it due to improper maintenance! The following are the precautions and specific methods for the use and maintenance of diving flashlights. 

OrcaTorch dive light scuba diving flashlight.jpg

Do not use it with overvoltage.

The voltage should not exceed the highest voltage that the dive torch can withstand. It's best to use the battery type that your dive lights manufacturer recommended. Do not install the reverse battery, otherwise it will burn an electric board. OrcaTorch dive lights have an anti-installation protection function, so you don't need to pay too much attention to this. Before storing, better to remove batteries. 

Check the o-ring.

To keep the o-ring and thread rotating smoothly, wipe Vaseline oil on the surface 2-3 times a year, it depends on your times to diving. Besides, when replacing the bezel, do not require excessive force and you just need a snug twist. It's important to check are the o-ring seal to make sure water do not leak into your dive torch before you go diving. 

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Clean dive lights after your diving.

After your diving, remember to clean your underwater torch, use fresh water to rinse your torch to remove all salt or sand, and should no use a cleaning agent, it will do harm to your light. While submerging, operate switches 5-10times to work saltwater, grit, etc out of the switches. 

You should not leave your torch to dry in the sun or contact with sunlight, water, chemicals, and corrosive gases for a long time to avoid damaging the protective layer of the flashlight. Before you open up the torch, make sure it is completely dry.