Do You Know the Tips to Prevent Your Mask from Fogging?

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There is nothing more annoying than your snorkel mask fogging up during your dive. Sometimes a foggy snorkel mask can destroy your entire dive, make you distracted and lose track. It can be dangerous. The good news is that there are some practical and easy ways to help you prevent the mask from fogging.

1. Toothpaste. 

The first way is to treat your new snorkel mask with toothpaste. When your mask is made some residue is left behind on the glass on the inside, and this causes your mask to fog up quite easily. So you need to use toothpaste to remove it. Remember simpler the toothpaste, the better. Grab your toothpaste and put just a little drop on each side of the mask, and now just rub it in for like ten minutes or so and relax for a bit. Then you can rinse it in the sink, and make sure you get everything out. When your mask is fogging up again, you just remember to repeat this process. 

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2. Saliva. 

Of course, you can use your saliva to prevent the mask from fogging and this is the cheapest option. It sounds a little bit gross, but it really helps. when you are diving, if your mask is fogging up, you just spit in your mask, rub it around, then give your mask quickly rinse and put it back on. But this way has the main shortcoming, over an extended period some black fungus will appear around the edges of your mask, and this is just fungus from your own saliva.

3. Anti-Fog agents. 

You can use it to replace the gross saliva. The first step is to spray your mask, then spin in your mask, rub it out rinse it, and put it on your face. 

4. Baby Shampoo.

It's a solution that is likes anti-fog agents. Baby shampoo is a cheap and popular product to help you solute your problem. It has less irritation on your eyes and is environmentally friendly.

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5. Flame.

it's using a lighter to burn off the layer of residue inside your tempered glass mask (remember do not use a plastic lens mask). This solution needs a pro to finish it and maybe it's not suitable for most divers. Because it could be dangerous to burn off the tempered part of your glass.

6. Licking.

It's a hard skill to master, so you need to practice in the swimming pool before. what you do is just take the mask of put it in one hand. Take your regulator off and lick the glasses on the inside and put it back on your head and it should stay clear of fog.