Review OrcaTorch D950V underwater video light

Martin Klega

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I am the super excited owner of your diving UW light OrcaTorch D950V underwater video light. I was inspired by Tom Park who I contacted and discussed the idea of not diving with two lights and strobes but using "only" two very powerful lights for both. 

I love this idea because that makes my diving much easier - the rig is so much smaller, lighter and most importantly I am always ready to make both photos and videos. I do not have to re-position strobes and lights, continually change settings, etc. I can focus on diving, taking the best position, and then making amazing pictures and video footage. I am not a very experienced diver thus everything that makes my dives easier is much appreciated. I also like the fact that taking my shots is quicker and thus I can follow up with my buddy quicker, covering more areas, seeing more amazing animals, and also allowing other divers to take their shots. 

D950V underwater video light.jpg

Of course, I was first considering cheaper, less powerful lights but then I studied more and more information about different aspects of UW lights, I chose OrcaTorch's top model and I am 100% satisfied. Not only is 10500 lumens enough even for deep dives, but you also do not usually need that much power. But the d950V battery has amazing capacity giving you full three dives without the need for re-charge. This is also making your diving much more comfortable. Another reason for picking. OrcaTorch and why this light is so great is the quality of the light. Not all lights are the same. With top quality, CREE COB LED you get CRI 92 which is very much similar to natural sunlight. Meaning that you do not scare the animals and you should not hurt them while taking your shots. The overall manufacturing quality is also great, light is made of solid aluminum that is very robust. I am very confident that it is very durable. The same goes for the front glass.

So far I have used mine for several dives but I am already decided to change my only strobe for the second d950V and use these two powerful yet gentle beasts for both shooting and taking videos. Not only for the great shots but also because I will not have to decide if I want to focus on diving or shooting - I can do both because this way it will be super easy.