OrcaTorch D630 Dive Lights Review

by Ants Stern

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I have been testing different lights for some years for the different brands (probably because I do get discovered by some of them from the
social media and Iceland as a country, might be a good place to get your products tested and maybe even few promotional photos/videos from me),
and after playing around with the light, I do think d630 a great light for some divers/type of diving for many different reasons. Will get there soon.

So far, when I need canister light, I have been using C3 from Nanight, and I will keep doing it for some specific dives, especially for cave or murky wreck dives,
but D630 will have a good use for me as well.

Some information from their homepage:

* Uses 5* CREE LEDs, max 4000 lumens
* 90°~180° angle adjustable cable
* Suitable for both back mount and side mount diving
* 7° super focus beam
* 5 hours long runtime at brightest mode
* Battery can be used as a power bank
* Intelligent overheat protection
* Waterproof and corrosion-resistant construction. Depth rated up to 150 meters


Not that it is too important to me or probably most of the divers, it does come with pretty good looking/quality box (not all other brands do that)
and has all the usual needed bits and pieces inside: lanyard, manual, charger, spare o-rings, spare screws
and tool to adjust the Goodman`s handle), plus the light itself.

Have done only few dives with it, so not yet able to tell about it`s durability, but it sure does look well built and no visual "cheap" solutions.
Dives I have done so far are done in Iceland, fresh water and temperature is between 3-4`C.

Goodman handle fits me well and is easily adjustable with bulky dry gloves. Added double-ender to it and it sits well.

Light`s head is pretty compact, switch button is relatively easy to operate with dry gloves (simple press to turn the light on (3 modes), and locking mechanism.
but I do believe many might struggle here in Iceland, when using 7mm bulky wetsuit mittens. As most of the world do not use them,
I dp not think it is something too big of a deal to consider from the production side.
Switch is pretty stiff, which does not let it turn on too easily, but might be hard for some to press.

7`beam allows easy signaling and delivers plenty of light.
4000 lumens 5h / 1500lumens 7h 26 min / 460lumens 23h 50mins - is what they say it will do. I have not yet been able to see if
2-4`c water will reduce that or not.

Canister has couple of good features my other light does not have - can change cable`s angle 180` or 90`` and comes with velcro attachment option, but I do use bungee.
It also has USB port to charge your phone, or what ever other device, and that might save your life one day, if you are floating in Sweden on a boat with no fuel or power in the wintertime. Not that this has happened to me.

D630 has enough battery juice to use for the whole day of diving (Liveaboard or multiple dives per day), is well built and had great beam.
I will take it with me to Egypt, for the wreck safari, end of this November and see how it performs there. Will try my best to write an updated review after I am back.