• D620


  • ORCATORCH D620 is a primary canister dive light specially designed for underwater adventure such as scuba diving and cave diving. The newly designed switch can be locked when rotated 90 degrees, which not only offers easy and reliable operation but also avoid turning on the light accidently

  • Featuring

    *  Cree XHP70 LED, 2700 lumens output
    *  Uses four 18650 Li-ion batteries
    *  90°rotary lockable switch offers easy and reliable operation
    *  Easy-pack adjustable rotary goodman handle
    *  Water pressure resistant construction ,depth rated to 150 meters
    *  Over-heat protection
    *  Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation
    *  Over-discharge protection function
    *  Aircraft-grade high strength aluminum material

    *  The latest diamond grade hard-anodized seawater-corrosion-resistance finish 

    *   Alloy aluminum reflector with professional optical analysis

    *  Two sides coated toughened glass with high water pressure resistance under deep water

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OrcaTorch D620



90°Rotary Lockable Switch

The newly designed switch can be locked when rotated 90° degrees, which not only offers easy and reliable operation, but also locks the switch from turning on the light accidently.


Easy-pack Adjustable Rotary Goodman Handle

The included easy-pack adjustable rotary Goodman handle is easy to assembled by hand. It has a good, comfortable feel during the dive. The handle folds across the light face for storage in seconds, which helps it fit into gear bags while protecting the light face from damage.


Uses four 18650 Li-ion batteries

The light uses 4 x 3.7V rechargeable 18650 (3400 mAh) lithium-ion batteries, and has a maximum output of 2700 lumens at full power, which makes it a very useful tool to meet your underwater needs. The light has three output/runtime modes of high, medium and low.

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    Reverse Polarity Protection

  • 14.png

    Over-heat Protection

  • 14.png

    Over-discharge Protection


Cree XHP70 LED,Max 2700 Lumens

The lights intense light beam is provided by a CREE XHP70 LED Lamp. The light beam distance is 853' (260 meters) on land.


Alloy Aluminum Reflector with Professional Optical Analysis

Alloy Aluminum Reflector with Professional Optical Analysis The light provides a 78° wide beam with a penetrating center 14° beam angle from its alloy aluminum reflector with professional optical analysis design. The light beam distance is 853' (260 meters) on land and max intensity 16870 cd.


What's in the Box?

The light weighs 24 oz. (681 g) without battery, comes with a spare O-ring, handle, 4 x 18650 batteries, charger, carry case and an owner's manual.

ANSI/NEMA FL1HighMiddleLow


Runtime2h 30mins8h 50mins37h
Beam Distance260m(on land)
Impact Resistance1m
WaterproofUnderwater 150m
Working Voltage5.5-8.4V

Light Head:83mm(Length) x 50mm(Diameter)

Canister:113mm(Length) x 54mm(Diameter)

Net Weight681g(Excluding Battery)
AccessoriesFour 18650 Batteries, charger, handle, O-rings

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User Manual
D620 User Manual
We printed the serial number of D620 on the PCB. You need to unscrew canister to see the PCB.
1.Please check if you use the switch correctly. The switch need to be rotated to the unlocking flag about 90 degree.
2. Please check if the switch can normally be pressed.
3. Please check if the batteries are fully charged.
4. Please check if the batteries are installed adversely.
5. Please use alternate batteries of the same type and power to check if the flashlight can works well normally. 
6. Please just see if the LED is wrong.
7. If you have some tools which can check if the D620 is galvanical, please check it. 
If you have taken all the measures but not useful, please contact your local OrcaTorch dealer who will provide the best after-sale service for you.
OrcaTorch H4 charger is included in D620 canister dive light kit which could charge four batteries at one time with display screen showing charging status (charging time, voltage, charging current). 
OrcaTorch D620's hot spot is 14°, and 78° for periphery.


Please leave your contact information, our dealer nearby will contact you soon.

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