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Tom Park

Tom Park is a published underwater and adventure photographer. 

Tom combines his background where he was raised by sharks with his passion for photography, creating breathtaking wildlife and landscape 

images above and below the water. Tom's clients stem from local-owned diving businesses in Hawaii and on the East Coast of Australia, to 

global corporations. 

When Tom isn't talking about himself in third person, he loves to work with magazines, where his work has been published in a number of

international adventure, travel, and underwater magazines. While he would love to call himself a professional underwater and landscape 

photographer, Tom would prefer that his images and videos did the talking.

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Frank Lamé

Frank started diving in 1985. At that time dive equipment was pretty much still in development and most dive lights were homemade. 

Technical failure of these lights due to leakage was quite common and lights were heavy as well as bulky, as big batteries were necessary to 

provide sufficient light for the dive. Since then Frank has made some 2.400 dives under all kind of conditions. From ice diving under subzero 

temperatures, heavy currents, fresh and salt water, wrecks and tropical reefs as well as under low visibility. He has been diving with the Great White, 

but also has a strong interest is tiny sea creatures like hairy shrimps and the various species of pygmy seahorses. He has been diving in 16 different 

countries and therein numerous different areas. 

Frank is in his free time a Master Instructor and part of his dives are educational dives. He’s co-founder and board member of New Lake Divers ( in Amsterdam.  

When overseas, Frank always dives together with his video camera, capturing the marine life ( A number of his videos have been broadcasted, among which by the BBC.

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Baron Abas

Baron is a seasoned filmmaker with experience as Director Of Photography and Steadicam Operator for feature films and commercials. 

He was selected as a Sony Key Opinion Leader for his expertise in the industry. Baron shoots underwater videos and flies drones for tv shows, 

which makes him a versatile filmmaker on land, under the sea and in the air.

He owns and manages WolFang Digital, a studio that provides video production services for clients around the world

“I’ve been very comfortable filming on land and in the air but the sea presents unique challenges” For Baron, the ocean is where the action’s at.

“Sure it’s tough but the rewards are worth the effort”. Baron enjoys discovering and filming marine life in the blue wonderland

“Every dive is a blue-la-la adventure”

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Gerald Nowak

Gerald is an Instructor Trainer at the dive association CMAS Germany (FST) and Instructor at SSI, a photo instructor for several associations, 

a Trimix and Rebreather diver, as well as a impassioned ice, wreck and cave diver. Whether tropical, temperate or cool waters, everything that

 promises exciting reports or great pictures awakens his interest.

He has a special commitment to threatened shark species. His favorite marine animal are the graceful hunters of the ocean: fox and blue sharks, 

but also the sublime tiger shark.

For the protection of the sea and the animals, he is active in several animal protection organizations and supports them with information and photo

 material, which he collects on his worldwide journeys.                                                                                               



Don Fassbender

Don Fassbender has been diving the Great Lakes since 1991. Born and raised in Marquette, Michiganhe has extensive experience diving the 

south shore of Lake Superior. Don entered the sport as a recreational diver,and now enjoys cleanup dives. He is also fond of exploring 

historical wrecks of the Great Lakes.

Don acts as Divemaster for Northern Michigan University. He holds specialized certifications including advanced open water, nitrox, night diver, 

deep diver, wreck diver, and rescue diver. Don helps young and inexperienced divers overcome their fears and appreciates seeing the joy on 

people’s faces when they first experience Scuba.

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Troy Iloski

Underwater Photographer, Scuba instructor, Shark Conservationist and Shark Expert. I love to travel and visit new places. I have been exploring 

the underwater world for over 30 years. I love nature and photography. Published in many media and magazines around the word, from National

Geographic and Stern to many Scuba magazines.