The ocean is vast, beautiful, home to some of the most diverse marine life and coral populations you can imagine, yet majority of it is unexplored. This is likely due to the fact that Humans are land animals, purpose built to survive on two legs on dry land. Despite this, myself like many others call the ocean home. I am a professional scuba diver and underwater photographer who loves the ocean, and today my goal is to inspire you to try scuba diving!

There is honestly nothing close to the feeling of breathing underwater! This combined with the zero gravity like sensation makes scuba diving one of the most unique and incredible activities on Earth. Even at the sports least exciting, you will feel weightless as you glide through an entirely different world. But combine this with awesome conditions, unbelievable wildlife and marine encounters, and a few friends and scuba diving will quickly become something you do every week! You may even join the ranks of divers like myself who travel from location to location just to explore the underwater world!

While I have travelled the world diving, I regularly dive in Sydney which is by no means a tropical destination (where this was filmed). The conditions vary dramatically, yet even after over 600 dives I still love getting in the water every single time!

Your diving adventure can’t come soon enough. As the worlds reefs are in decline, and places like the Great Barrier Reef and its corals are dying, now is probably your last time to see them. In 25 years the Great Barrier Reef is estimated to be gone. Currently, the Reef in Northern Queensland, Australia is ‘dying’, it is still able to be saved with strict nationwide and global conservation efforts. I urge you to try scuba diving, see the beauty of these reef systems and maybe you too will aid in efforts to raise awareness before it is too late.

Author: Tom Park – OrcaTorch Brand Ambassador

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