OrcaTorch D910V Underwater Video Light Review

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Hi video shooters and Scuba shooters, it’s Baron here. If you’re looking for a specialised underwater video torch with the sole purpose of lighting up your dive videos the OrcaTorch D910V is the right torch for you! It has a super bright 5,000 lumens wide-angle light beam Let’s shoot some underwater videos. .

That was a challenging dive with surge and slightly strong undertow. The fighting lion fish and all the underwater footage you saw was filmed with my Sony RX100V with lighting provided by the OrcaTorch D910V. Before we see the unboxing, let me just tell you, the 5,000 lumens on the D910V is really powerful and more than enough for macro shots and small marine life. I’ll also be showing you the difference between using an underwater video light and not using one. You’ll be wondering how you managed without it.

This is a specialised light for underwater video shooting as evident by the massive LED and wide angle light dispersion. 

OrcaTorch made the D910V very easy to use. There are no batteries to remove for charging. Plug in the charger and just tag on the magnetic charging head onto the light itself and the juice starts flowing! How cool is that? That’s because the D910V and battery pack are one. 

First time out of the box, detach the light from the power pack and remove a thin film covering the battery contact. Be sure the battery pack is screwed on securely to the torch before each dive. Next, I’ll attach the ball joint with the hex wrench and then it’s ready to be attached to our underwater camera rig. 

Let’s have a look at the titanium switches. There’s 3 levels of brightness. First press gives us a powerful 5,000 lumens, on the 2nd press we get 2,000 lumens, 3rd press drops the intensity down to 500 lumens and the 4th press powers down the light.

It takes 2.5 hours to fully charge your D910V. With that 1 charge, I get about 50 minutes on its highest brightness level at 5,000 lumens. Setting the D910V at 2,000 lumens let’s me use it for about 2 hours.

If you shoot without lights, bad idea because the deeper you go it gets darker and to compensate for that you’ll have to increase your camera’s ISO settings and this lowers the quality of your videos.

The deeper you go, you loose certain colours like yellow, orange and red. Without lights, you’ll get greenish looking videos and what you’ll be shooting eventually is a *ahem blue film.


The D910V is a very bright light. It’s made especially for underwater videography with its wide angle beam. At 5,000 lumens, it maybe overpowering at shallower depths of 10-15 meters. On a full charge, I did 3 dives back to back and I still haven’t exhausted the battery. The battery is integrated into the light and with the magnetic charging head charging it is conveniently done. If you’re an underwater videographer or photographer, you’ll find the OrcaTorch D910V to be an invaluable gear. 

OrcaTorch team, great work on the D910V. You read our minds!