Powerful Dive Torch with Laser | OrcaTorch D570 GL Review

by Baron Abas

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We all know the frustration of trying to show our dive buddy something interesting during a dive but they just can’t see where we’re pointing! Well then, the OrcaTorch D570 will point things out you as it packs a laser. This is one serious dive torch. Let me show you why!

As a dive torch, the D570-GL puts out an intensely bright beam… in broad daylight at shallow depths it’s, already so bright. The D570-GL has a longer throw to pierce through murky waters. When it’s deeper and darker, it becomesindispensable.

The unboxing!

Open up the orange box and you’ll find the D570-GL dive torch, a wrist strap, 3400 mAh battery, battery charger, USB cable, spare o-rings and warranty card.

And now combined with a laser, it becomes an essential gear for safety and for communication. Of course, the laser makes it such a thrill to show off to your buddies what you’ve discovered.

A dive torch is operated directly by your hand and not attached to your camera rig like an underwater video light.

This makes a dive torch nimbler and easier to handle. The narrow, focused beam let’s you instantly see through the darkness.


As an underwater videographer, I carry the 570-GL on my D-ring so I don’t have to depend on my underwater video light. 

It’s not just about using it for discovery and sharing. If you’re a dive instructor, use it for communication to guide and direct your students with the help of the laser pointer. Somehow, I know you’ll be having a lot of exciting Scuba dives with the OrcaTorch D570-GL.