Is the Orca Smart?

Media Reports

Orcas are very intelligent. Some researchers have done research on the IQ of humans and killer whales and found that the IQ of Orcas is equivalent to that of fifteen or sixteen-year-old humans. 

The high IQ of Orcas is reflected in many aspects. For example, they have their own groups and social body systems, and there are both cooperation and competition in groups; moreover, they also have their own unique language systems. 

The skills of hunting are passed on to the next generation.


How high is the IQ of Orcas?

Orcas are large and ferocious creatures in the ocean. Not only that, but their IQ is also relatively high, and their hunting skills are very clever. Biologists have done special research on the IQ of Orcas and found that their brains are also relatively developed. 

Some biologists even found that killer whales have their own unique language system, and the complexity of this language system may be similar to that of humans. Although the language of Orcas does not have writing like human language, they need this responsible language system to pass on their sophisticated and sophisticated hunting skills to humans. Moreover, some researchers have found that Orcas are very talkative, even chattering. If you are a diver to goes scuba diving usually and uses the OrcaTorch dive torch, and underwater video lights to search for the underwater world, maybe you will find the orca, which is a smart animal.


Orca's intelligence is reflected in many ways.

For example, they generally do not take the initiative to attack humans. Some biologists believe that this is precisely because their IQ is very high, and they may know that humans are also mammals, and they are their own kind, but they are smaller in size and different in appearance. If you want to see the orca at night, it's better to bring your dive light--- primary dive light and the OrcaTorch D710 as the backup dive torch.

Orca's IQ is equivalent to that of 15/16-year-old humans

As mentioned above, the IQ of Orcas is relatively high, so how do they compare with humans? Some researchers have done research on this and found that the IQ of killer whales can even be equivalent to that of fifteen or sixteen-year-old humans. They will have their own social system, they will communicate in their own language; they will hunt together as a group, not as complex as humans, but much stronger than other animals. Of course, due to the constraints of their living environment, their IQ cannot be developed enough, so their IQ is still not comparable to that of humans.